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Note to all:  This list is by no means all-inclusive. I was able to find other folks’ lists, add them to mine and go from there.  All of these links work as of this writing but as we all know often folks move sites and don’t leave a forwarding address. Special thanks to all of the teachers who sent sites to add to this list. Happy Math Surfing!


Number Recognition

Whole Numbers


Number Patterns



Simple Addition and Subtraction

Factors, Primes and Multiples


Weight and Measurement


Math in Daily Life



Logic Puzzles

Pre-Algebra & Algebra

Games and Puzzles

Problem of the week

Number Recognition and Sequencing 2


Mean, Median, Mode

Place Value


Math Answers

Famous Math People


Lesson Plans





Beginning Math Activities                

Simple Addition and Subtract

·         Test the Toad  ( + and -  problems with numbers 1-15)

·         Little Animals Activity Center ( interactive number games for addition and subtraction)


Number Recognition/Sequencing

·         Find the Number  (Recognition activity for numbers 1-10)

·         Mend the Number Square ( Place missing numbers on 1-100 grid)

·         Find One More  (matching game)

·         Snakes and Ladders  (1 player or 2 player activity.. works like chutes and ladders)

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 Number Recognition/Sequencing

§  Bunny Count ( count and match numbers and characters)

§  One False Move (sequence numbers from lowest to highest)

§  Guess the Number (guess number with high low clues)

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Number Recognition/Counting/Sequencing

·         Count Your Chickens ( counting activity)

·         1 2 3 Order  (what comes next... up to 10)

·         Number Train ( make a train and count the cars)

·         AAA Math Activities (click on grade school level)

·         Base 10 Count  (group ones into ten... see what number is made)

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Facts / Whole Numbers / Number Line

Activities with + - * / and whole numbers

Cookie Dough  ( read and write numbers on a check)

Power Football (DECIMAL  fact [ +, -, *, / ] drill)

Tic-Tac-Toe Squares ( practice with + - * / squares, cubes )

Change Maker ( work with $1 or $100, pick coins / bills for change)

Interactive Multiplication Games (14 different games to help with multiplication facts)

Little Animals Activity Center ( interactive number games for addition and subtraction)

Math Mayhem by LearningPlanet ( +, -, *, / timed practice)

Camel Times Tables by BBC Education Co. (learn times tables facts with games)

Multiplication Matho (race for time as you practice your facts)

Spacey Math by PlanetLearning ( fact [ +, -, *, / ] drill)

A+ Math Games  ( basic operation activities)

Coloring Book Math ( color online doing math problems)

Math 4 Kids

Math Activities at Syvum (Helps build basic skills)

A+ Math Flashcards( math flashcards and math games for basic operations)

The ArithmAttack (see how many problems can you solve in 60 seconds)

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Factors/ Multiples/ Primes/ Powers/ Triangular Numbers

Product Game  (ILLUMINATIONS NCTM) [ game of skill with factors and multiples]

Factor Game  (ILLUMINATIONS NCTM) [ game of skill with factors]

Grid Game by BCC Maths File (find factors, multiples, primes, triangular numbers, and/or powers on a grid)

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  1. Equivalent Fractions

·         Fraction Frenzie Activity by LearningPlanet ( match equivalent fractions before time runs out)

·         Fraction Game Tool (Illuminations NCTM)[ move game pieces to other side of board)

·         Fresh Baked Fractions Activity by Funbrain( find fraction that is not equivalent to the rest)

·         Soccer Shootout  Activity  by Funbrain( addition and subtraction of fractions)

  1.  Fraction/Decimal Relationships

·         Salon Snap Activity by BBC Maths Files ( match fractions to decimals and %)

·         Double Fun Match Activity (Click on Fraction/Decimalby Funbrain (Match Fractions to Decimal Equivalent)

·         Fraction Decimal Conversion ( JAVA games matching fractions to equivalent decimals)

·         All About Fractions by AAA Math (Explanation, interactive practice and challenge games about fractions)

·         Mystery Picture with Fraction Word Problems (by Dositey)

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Geometry/ Area / Perimeter

Gallery of Interactive Geometry (Some of these activities are very difficult)

Geometry Junkyard (great extra activities)

General Geometrical Terms

·         Geometry Flashcards by APlusMath ( match picture to name)

·         Geometric Terms (JAVA games with common geometric terms)

·         All About Geometry  by AAA Math ( Explanation, interactive practice and challenge games about geometry)

Polygons/ Shapes

·         Illuminations.. Exploring Geometric Shapes Grades 3-5 (by NCTM) http://

o   Online Pattern Blocks


o   Designer Fractions Activity


    1. Introduction to Angles ( JAVA games with common terms related to angles)

Area/ Perimeter

    1. Shape Surveyor  Activity  by Funbrain( solve simple area/perimeter problems)
    2. Area and Perimeter of Polygons (lessons and activity)

·         Perimeter of Polygon (Lesson with activity)

·         Area of Rectangles and Squares (Lesson with activity)

·         Area of Parallelogram (Lesson with activity)

·         Area of Triangle (Lesson with activity)

·         Area of Trapezoid (Lesson with activity)

Symmetry/ Rotations/ Reflections/ Transformations

§  Bathroom Tiles by BBC Maths File ( move bathroom tiles by rotating, reflecting, and translating the patterns)


§  Tangrams by KidsCom


§  What are Tessellations by Cool Math

§  What is a Tessellation?

Totally Tessellated

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Calculus Resources On-line (an international site with news and activities)

Interactive Calculus Activities (great additional activities)

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Graphing/ Data Collections/ Coordinate Points


  1. Graphing Calculator (by Coolmath…it works like the one they use in school)
  2. Create a Graph Activity (online activity... create bar graph, pie chart, line graph)
  3. Data Picking Activity by BBC Maths File ( make frequency chart and graph data)
  4. Planet Hop Activity by BBC Maths File ( find coordinates of object & graph equation)
  5. What's the Point? Activity by Funbrain (graphing with coordinate points)
  6. Looking for the Top Quark Game  (graphing game)
  7. Lunar Adventure Activity by LearningPlanet (graph coordinates to capture asteroids)

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  1. Line Jumper Activity by Funbrain (solve + and - INTEGER problems using the NUMBER LINE)
  2. Builder Ted Activity by BBC Maths File (activity that paces integers in numerical order)
  3. Mystery Picture with Integers (by Dositey)

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Online Logic Puzzles/Games

  1. Cut The Knot
  2. Figure This (NCTM)
  3. Interactive Fun Puzzles (many logic puzzles for both younger and older children)
  4. Math Puzzles (from Discovery School)

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Mean, Mode, Median

  1. Statistics....Range, Mean, Mode, Median (online lesson and activity)

·         Range

·         Mean

·         Mean Advanced

·         Median

·         Mode

  1. Train Race Activity  by BBC Maths File ( need to use own calculator with this)
  2. AAA Statistics

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Measurement/ Weight

  1. Measure It Activity by Funbrain ( read a ruler in centimeters or inches)
  2. The World of Measurement  (information about length, mass, volume, temperature, and time)
  3. Animal Weigh In Activity by BBC Maths File ( activity that balances weights on a scale)

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Missing number in the series / Patterns

  1. Number Cracker   Activity by Funbrain (guess  next number in the SERIES)

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PreAlgebra/ Algebra Activities

  1. Mrs Glosser's lesson...Topics in PreAlgebra (online lesson and activity)

·         Writing Algebraic Equations for expressions with variables

·         Writing Algebraic Equations for word sentences

  1. Evaluating an Equation with 1 variable  by AAA Math (Explanation, interactive practice and challenge games about equations)
  2. Solving An Equation  by AAA Math (Explanation, interactive practice and challenge games about equations)
  3. Late Delivery Activity by BBC Maths File ( find value of an expression )
  4. Equation Match Activity by BBC Maths File ( matching game with = equations)
  5. Funbrain Magician  Activity( solve algebra word problems)
  6. Order of Operations

·         Order of Operations  (Mrs Glosser's online lesson and activity)

·         Order of Operations (division and addition.. by Dosity)

·         Operation Order Activity by Funbrain (complete equations using 3 numbers)

  1. Guess the Number Plus Activity by Funbrain (guess answer to a word problem)
  2. Absurd Math.. Interactive pre-algebra problem solving games Challenging

·         Nomean City  Activity

·         Dr. Plenobius Activity

·         The 7th Floor Activity

·         Airtight College Activity

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Place Value

  1. Wise Up... Our Number System ( BBC)
  2. Place Value Puzzler Activity by Funbrain (click on digit with the given place value)
  3. Place Value Game
  4. All About Place Value  by AAA Math ( Explanation, interactive practice and challenge games about place value)

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  1. Fish Tank Activity by BBC Maths File ( guess probability of catching fish in the tank)
  2. Mrs Glosser's lesson on Probability (online lessons and activity)
  3. What Are Your Chances?  (National Center for Education Statistics)

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  1. Rounding Off Numbers Activity by BBC Maths File
  2. Place Value Puzzler Activity by Funbrain (type in rounded version of number)
  3. Rounding Decimals to Whole Numbers Game

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Games and Mind Bender Puzzles

  1. Brain Binders [ paper folding activites]
  2. Brain Benders ( by Cool Math)
  3. CoolMath Games
  4. CountOn!!  ( Try Numberland and Games)
  5. FunBrain Number Games
  6. Fun Math Memory Game
  7. Interactive Math ( GREAT site for math problems)
  8. Simon Says Puzzle (Click on color sequence. See how long you can go )

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  1. Metric Matters (Thinkquest tutorial about metric system)
  2. Measure It Activity by Funbrain ( read a ruler in centimeters)

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  1. Change Maker Activity by Funbrain ( work with $1 or $100, pick coins / bills for change)
  2. Counting Change Game
  3. H.I.P Pocket Change ( by US Mint Dept)  GREAT SITE!!!

·         Games

·         Cartoons

·         Time Machine

·         Coin News

·         Teacher Help

  1. Money by AAA Math
  2. Investing For Kids (ThinkQuest project to learn about money and investing)

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Math in Daily Life

  1. Math in Daily Life
  2. Math Careers by Cool Math

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Math Problems of the Week/ Word Problems

·         Brain Benders  by Cool Math

·         Figure This  ( Math index by National Science Foundation & US Dept. of Ed)

·         Figure This (problems for Middle School students)

·         Math Forum's Elementary Challenges

·         Math Forum's Middle School Challenges


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Math questions and answers

§  Ask Dr. Math

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Famous Mathematicians and History of Mathematics ( over 1000 biographies)


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Teacher Lesson Plan Help:  

§  Math Education

§  Math Forum (The Math Forum, an online community funded in part by the National Science Foundation and hosted by Swarthmore College)

§  AAA Teacher Resource Page

§  Education Planet Math Lesson Links

§ for Teachers

§ for Parents

§  Math Resources by topic

§  Internet Mathematics  Library

§  Exploring Data lessons (K-8)

§  Geometry Through Art

§  Suzanne's Math Lessons [web units, interactive lessons, technology help]

§   Math Goodies

§  Eisenhower National Clearinghouse (Explore this site for the best selection of K-12 mathematics and science resources on the Internet)

§  Math Ideas (Math ideas/lessons for a variety of topics)

§  MSTE's Lesson Resources (Math, Science, Technology Education U of Illinois)

§  Plane Math Lesson Help

§  Principles and Standards for School Mathematics (NCTM)

§  National Library of Virtual Manipulatives

§  Study Works Online (grades 7-12)


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Explore Math (this site is definitely for higher level math skills but all the activities are interactive!)

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